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Masters of Handicrafts in Pakistan

As today is 14th August, Independence day of Pakistan. Let’s talk about the people who are the masters of handicrafts, the craftsman. People of our country are very talented and skilled. Pakistani Culture is very diverse and there are many traditions as well. 

Handicrafts in Pakistan has a rich history. The prosperity of unfading arts and crafts has certainly lived all through number of years. Although, Each city contains details of its own handiwork strengths; texture, embroidery, stone work, authentic jewelry designs, and many other artifact objects. Pakistani culture never fails to excite and it guarantees dignity, magnificence, style and structure.

Pakistani handiwork is the trademark of the Pakistani culture leaving the entire world amazed and yearning for more. Each design and style of handiwork uniquely portrays its specific city and province.

One of the feature of handiwork is Jewelry. Different types of ornaments can be found in the Hindukash and Karakoram ranges in Pakistan. 

Also, The famous and colorful Shoes have always been in trend. The handmade khussas are fashioned in almost all the cities of Pakistan. Similarly, there are kula puri chappals which are a great look in summers and also Peshawari chappals. All these shoes can make up our traditional look complete. 

Handsewn Bedsheets are also very famous in Pakistan. Beautiful prints and designs are scrape together to make it. Rilli or Ralli, are the authentic bedspreads which are designed by women belonging from Interior Sindh. They do patchwork, embroidery and ornamental needlework. 

Let’s come to Dresses which are made by craftsman all over the country. Each dress defines its own culture. There is Ajrak and Ralli in Sindh, Phulkari and traditional Shalwar kameez in Punjab. Besides that, Mirror work on Dresses is  devised in Dera Ghazi Khan and is very famous throughout the country. 

Furthermore, When we talk about Handicrafts, we cannot miss the Decoration Pieces designed by our craftsman. There are hand carved mirrors, beautifully designed rugs and carpets, patterns of flowers made on vases, clay pots, genuine wall paintings. Mostly, Sindh is famous for Decoration Artifacts.

Crafted works of Pakistan are valuable stones which shows Pakistani Culture and legacy appealingly. Whether it is complex enhanced metal art, elegant paintings or some radiant marble work on walls. Everything is made superbly. 

Above all, Pakistan’s craftsmanship is immensely skilful. As a result, Pakistan’s art and crafts are going places with their ethnic style and thriving features. 

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