Maya Ali shares emotional insights about her father and family

Maya Ali recently spoke to BBC Asian Network and shared her struggles with her family to get approval for working in the entertainment industry.

Maya revealed that when she chose to persuade her career in acting her father did not talk to her for 8 years. She expressed her immense sorrow and grief on how it broke her heart every time her father ignored her wishes.

She requested to all parents and said,’ I’m not saying your child only wants to become an actor. If they want to do something else, please let them do it. I beg of you. Give them a chance to do what they want. Don’t let your child regret that they only had that chance. Because time waits for no one and that’s when there’s regret in life for the children.’

She further said before her father died right ever he came to peace with her career choice.

‘I wish he was there, he would appreciate me. I remember 6 months before, before he died. He just said one thing to me, I couldn’t win an award for Diyar-e-dil, he said it’s okay beta, next year you’ll win it for Man Mayal. I won the award next year, but he wasn’t there to celebrate it with me.’

She also shared that her mother always supported her in all her endeavours but her father wanted her to prove herself to him. The entire conversation made us very emotional and expressive eyes said it all.

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