Mehwish Hayat lauds action against US airline for booting off Muslim passengers

Prominent Pakistani actor Mehwish Hayat has lauded US action against airline for discrimination against Muslim passengers.

The US authorities slammed Delta Air Lines with a $50,000 fine in violation of anti-bias laws after the carrier kicked off Muslim passengers from the plane in two separate incidents.

The starlet took to Twitter and wrote: “A nice slap on the wrists.. I am glad that the US authorities have fined the airline.”

She urged people to be more tolerant of one another: “It is a sad state of affairs that has bought us to this. Perceptions have to change and people have to be more tolerant of one another irrespective of background, religion or appearance.”

The first incident is from July 2016 when a Muslim couple were ordered off plane. The other case occurred five days later in Amsterdam.

The move came after passengers complained they felt uncomfortable.

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