Men’s guide to long hair

Well, you must be wondering how to grow your hair? even before that you must be thinking what it would feel like running your hand in your hair in slow motion just like you would rub your hands into a dog. that premium soft feeling. well, it is nice to imagine all of that. the world on the other side is fun yet high maintenance. we will talk about maintenance but first, let’s discover what it takes to get on the other side and how you can start your journey.

But first, you need to know that growing hair simply does not mean growing your hair. there is a lot more than that, you cannot keep running around everywhere wearing a cap for 14 months and expect luscious locks like Chris Hemsworth.

here are few tips to succeed in this journey

Stay focused

 You will cut some new hairstyles on the way. You will learn how to use new products and style your hair in different ways, only changing them as your hair continues to grow. It’s a bit like losing or gaining a bunch of weight: you don’t fit the things you used to, so you have to adapt to changes and adapt to constant changes. In the end, even though there is still a year or more, you will still effortlessly tuck that hair behind your ear, or feel it sweeping the tip of your shoulder. And it’s all worth it.

Speed up the process with the right supplements

you can grow strong and long hair a little earlier than the average trajectory, speeding up the process includes using the right supplements that are rich in vitamins. Some would suggest taking biotin as help in growing hair follicles, however, look for a serum that is rich in vitamins, regularly massaging them into your hair can help you grow hair faster.

Switch your hair products

Gone are the days of wax and gels that once you used to hold those gravity-defying hairstyles. You’re in a new lane now, so the texturizing products that you relied on for short, choppy styles are no longer suitable. Instead, you have to switch to lighter products that you can apply to towel-dried hair, in order to tame it as it grows. This is because the products you need vary from person to person and their unique hair texture and density, but in general, you should be familiar with softening and moisturizing creams. They focus on lightweight controls with a touchable texture, so your hair will not stick together.

Get regular haircuts

it may seem weird, but as you grow your hair you need to get them cut! before you jump to this conclusion that whatever you read above must be wrong because of this statement. let me correct you! It’s true, as your hair grow you need to get trimmed on the edges as it helps to grow your hair. Lastly, the barber or stylist will trim the ends ever so slightly, just to manage any splitting or breaking.

Shampoo less condition more

Short hair or long, you do not need to shampoo daily. It dries and damages the hair, and signals to the scalp to produce even more oil than is natural since you’re constantly depleting its sebum supply.

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