Mental Health Awareness

Mental disorders are health issues that can have an impact on how we think about ourselves, engage with others, and interact with the environment around us. They have an impact on our ideas, feelings, and behaviors. Mental disorders can disrupt or create problems in a person’s life, but with the appropriate supports, a person can return to a path of sustainability and wellbeing.

There are several forms of mental illnesses that impact people in various ways. People with various mental illnesses may have quite varied symptoms and problems. Access to resources, support from loved ones, and the capacity to engage in communities all play important roles in how people deal with mental disorders. People’s understanding of mental disorders is also influenced by their culture, upbringing, and personal views.

Some Important Facts

Today, more than 6.7 million Canadians are dealing with a mental health condition or illness. Type 2 diabetes affects 2.2 million persons in Canada. Mental health issues and diseases strike people at a young age. In any given year, more than 28% of persons aged 20 to 29 suffer from a mental disorder. By the age of 40, one in every two Canadians will have had or be suffering from a mental disorder.

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