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Have you met today’s diverse generation ” The Millennial ” ??

Millennial have a very bad reputation, They are entitled by different name and tags.

What doesn’t change is; They are the power holders of this generation, hold the rights and abilities to make an effect or to create a whole new world on own terms.

” No More 21 century , It is a ‘ Me Decade’ “

From being called lazy to selfish, ungrateful and having attitude problems, They are one of a kind troubled generation. But has anyone ever thought why our co-existing humans have to label them?

Bashing Millennial and taunting them have become a national priority of this country.

Maybe that’s because millennial’s are more active, vocal and visible online across the globe, They are tech geeks and real user of social media. And one of the main reason is that our friends and family love to underestimate the difficulties and problems faced by this set of generation, just because they don’t find  them serious.

From one assignment to an other, liking one thing and all of a sudden disliking for another one. From obsessing over things to getting over it, They are fast to keep track on.

They create views for things quite easily and review it before the world can, Millennial have the power to make things viral.

They are constant on changing jobs until, find the one which fulfills soul’s craving and then leave it for something adventurous. But the problem is they were raised believing ” We can do and have anything “.

Compare to the past years the millennial impact has grown in Pakistan, In the past our society didn’t let them survive or to have voice about any particular entity or occasion. Some may blame them for the ongoing gender war, we know we have made our fair share of contribution into it, but before their existence this would not have been possible or to be impactful.

Now on the other hands they have the power to shout and tell what norms in society are wrong, what rules of the country are wrong.

” The Revolution will be tweeted, liked & shared in the coming future or its already happening “

Being the most education batch of this generation. Some will say that they are wasting money on getting education, while to survive in this economy and era without a high class degree it is not possible. Today you get a job only if you have achieved higher degree. The standard of societies have been raised, no one will accept you with just a bachelors degree.

Because they are millennial so , all they need to do is work somewhere where; they can bring a change, or find passion, innovation and for them it is not about money, they value different things.

Millennial are unique, yes unique because they are different with in heir own group of people. You can not describe them for another millennial person because they might be totally different. Have different fair share of thoughts, nature, values and ideas within one generation. What may appeal to one may not be the same case for others.

That’s why it is important for companies and researchers to study each behavior to get the outcome. As a world report, they are the reason behind death of many industries, Political leaders, Laws and revolutions.

As the world says;  ” We are the meme Generation” , It is hard for us to understand our previous generations, they are too old dated, where as Millennial are always living on the trendier side of the region.

Believe it or not Millennial are not the one’s to wait in line, repeat problems or to be ignored. They are the future upholders and no force is able to stop their influence and impact on the globe.

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