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Microsoft releases new edge browser for testing

Microsoft, having given up on its own core browser technology, has released test versions of its Edge browser built instead on the same foundations as Google’s Chrome.

“In these first builds we are very much focused on the fundamentals and have not yet included a wide range of feature and language support that will come later,” said Microsoft’s corporate vice president for Windows.

“You’ll start to see differences from the current Microsoft Edge including subtle design finishes, support for a broader selection of extensions and the ability to manage your sign-in profile.”

From years Microsoft is trying to catch the speed in the race for browsers, but some how seems to fail every time.

In December, Microsoft announced a plan to rebuild edge on chromium, the open source underpinnings of Chrome that’s also used in several other browsers.

The new version of Edge is based on Chromium, an open-source project run by Goggle. Other browsers that rely on Chromium include Brave, Opera and Samsung Internet. Using Google’s software gives access to a mature and frequently updated software project while ensuring websites aren’t likely to suffer from incompatibility problems.

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