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M&M’s not fit for a ‘Halal Diet’

M&M’s are “colorful button-shaped chocolates”, each of which has the letter “m” printed on it, consisting of a candy shell surrounding a filling which varies depending upon the variety of M&M’s.

It is astonishing to know the fact that M&M’s is not fit for a halal diet, where as it was being consumed by many Muslims around the world when it was introduced in the market and up till now.

M&M’s were originated in the US in 1941, and it has been sold in over 100 countries since 2003.

According to the law it is a serious offense of “Right of Information”

As the picture shows, M&M’s UK replied to a twe et by saying that:

M&M’s are not suitable for a Halal diet. Because we use additives that come from animal products when we are making M&M’s and traces of these can be found in the sweets.

As the country’s law it is obligatory on them to take strict measures against the offenders and remove them from Muslim countries market.

Extensive range of M&M Pakistan products are sold online and in stores nationwide.

Government of Pakistan needs to wake up and acknowledge this issue by taking immediate action towards THEM!

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