Yes, you can!

Let me give you a list of reason why you can’t do anything that you want to and by that I mean “ANYTHING”.

You’re physically impaired, suffering from some sort of impairing mental condition, no opportunity available to avail in your area, deaf, blind, engaged in other personal or important commitments, no time on hand.

These reasons and more are legit but if these are not it then you’re just making yourself a fool and constantly justifying yourself for the things you could have accomplished.

Confucius keeps it real. He doesn’t argue with the naysayers. He say’s, fine. If you can’t, you can’t.

But those who can, they know what’s up. They have the right attitude, they will try, fail and try again. Those who can never try, never peep through the window of all the possibilities there are.

If you’re reading this, TRY. JUST START. Start saying “I can” because you got this.


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