Mrs. Khan faces backlash by Pakistani women!

Mrs. Khan, the famous matchmaker — rishta aunty appeared on a talk show and this is when her video went viral! Recently a video is being circulated on Facebook featuring Mrs. Khan and her patriarchal views. The video shows that how Mrs. Khan blamed the causes of marital issues and divorces entirely on women.

According to Mrs. Khan, in order to be a good wife woman should keep her mouth shut — always.  She also added that back in the days women were taught not to be outspoken in front of their husbands.  The sole reason of marital issues is women’s fault of “not keeping her mouth shut” and of trying to dominate” her husband and in-laws. Talking more about her views she added that an ideal wife is the one who takes off her husband’s shoes when he comes from work and also sets the stove to serve him “garam roti”.

In response to her misogynistic views, Pakistani women have stepped forward just to prove that

“Time has changed!”



Mrs. Khan’s views has taken internet by storm! Some blamed her for being a hypocrite while others pointed out how people like her are the reason why Pakistan is a terrible place for women!

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