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Muslims face xenophobic attacks after Pulwama suicide bombing

The Muslim community in India is under severe strain owing to recent Pulwama attack as xenophobia has risen in the ‘world’s largest democracy’.

The Pulwama suicide attack, which left 44 Indian soldiers dead on Thursday, has provoked ultra-nationalists in the country to ramp up pressure against Muslims living in the country – for no reason at all.

Series of videos have emerged on social media showing raged Indians asking Muslims to vacate their businesses.

One of the videos captured in Bihar shows dozens of furious Indians compelling Muslim shopkeepers to shut their businesses.

’44 have been killed yesterday,’ a man can be heard yelling in the video as he forces the closure of shops in the area.

The suicide attack in Pulwama has escalated communal tension in India under Bharatiya Janata Party as Prime Minister Narendra Modi has vowed to avenge the attack.

Adil Ahmad Dar, a 20-year-old had claimed responsibility for the attack in a video, however, his Muslim origin has flared up Indians to assault Muslim community members in Kashmir and other parts of the country.

The suicide attack heightened tension between Pakistan and India as New Delhi alleged Pakistan of playing a role in the attack – without furnishing any credible evidence in this regard as usual.

The attack is the worst in decades of insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir, India’s only Muslim majority state. Analysts claim that the attack might have been a false flag owing to the upcoming elections in India as anti-Pakistan sentiments are whipped up to garner support.

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