Myths about coffee that we need to burst.

A day without coffee is a day incomplete.

Whether it’s a cold or a hot coffee, whipped or without, foam or without we love having it and starting our day without it feels so incomplete.

However, there are so many myths revolving around coffee consumption. It can become hard to not have that perfect amount of coffee doze every day.

Myth 1: Coffee leads towards dehydration.

That is not true. Coffee’s is made with water and milk. How can it dehydrate you? In fact when you have it you pass it out of your system at one point or another- and so when we do it, it will boost your metabolism. Our kidneys need a certain amount of water and if you don’t drink that that’s when you’ll be hydrated. Your favorite coffee won’t affect you- it won’t leave you dehydrated.

Myth 2: coffee is bad for your health especially heart.

That’s outright false. Coffee doesn’t give you a heart disease in fact, it doesn’t bring any negativity in your life. Coffee in fact can reduce risk of heart disease. It has a lot of advantages and helps you stay healthy and nourished.

Myth 3: Instant coffee has no health benefits.

Well brewed coffee is super flavorful and it doesn’t lose its antioxidants even after processing. It is normally cheaper. Even if you choose this or instant cuppa there’s no difference especially in terms of health benefits.

Myth 4: Coffee can affect growth.

There is no evidence to prove that coffee stunts growth or leads towards growth issues. This is a very old myth without any facts or evidence. It doesn’t have any harmful nutrients which can weaken one’s bones, teeth or cause osteoporosis. But that doesn’t make you go overboard and consume coffee in huge amounts. Take it in a controlled amount.

Myth 5: Coffee makes you brown/black.

NO! This is absolutely abhorrent and untrue. Coffee doesn’t make you dull. Not at all, there is no evidence or data that is available which can prove that it could happen to you. These are all myths that were created by our ancestors and we shouldn’t believe in them.

Myth 6: Pregnant women shouldn’t have coffee.

This is a very personal call. It depends upon person to person. You can consume coffee and you can limit it, coffee has caffeine and to some extent it may be unhealthy but it doesn’t mean you should boycott and ban coffee. There is no concrete evidence for this as well.

Myth 7: Caffeine causes insomnia.

While your body absorbs caffeine it also gets rid of it quickly. Caffeine doesn’t stay in your body for hours but for most people a cup of coffee or two in the morning will not affect you at night. There might be a possibility of it affecting you later in the day. People who are sensitive may experience insomnia and some may have caffeine side effects too for eg nervousness and gastrointestinal upset.

Myth 8: Coffee affects pregnancy.

There is no link between low amounts of caffeine and trouble conceiving, birth defects, miscarriage, low birth rate or premature birth. Pregnant women or those trying to attempt pregnancy aren’t affected by coffee. 

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