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Is this new cancer treatment effective or less effective ?

The Medical field is evolving day by day, new treatments are introduced everyday but not are as effective or successful.

Immuno therapy is a cancer treatment with several benefits. This is the reason, improving its effectiveness is vital. But according to the react study, scientists have found some rather unusual results.

Cancer Immuno therapy is a relatively young field. According to the Cancer Research Institute, scientists have shown that it is effective at treating cancers that are resistant to both chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Immuno therapy works by helping the immune system fight off the disease. Cancer cells normally go undetected by the immune system, but the treatment uses drugs and other substances to produce a stronger response.

Scientists have recently found that the gut micro biome, which comprises trillions of intestinal micro organisms, has the ability to control the immune system.

A group of researchers from the institute for Cancer Immuno therapy in San Francisco, and the Cancer Center in Houston has examined whether this could be impacting Immuno therapy success rates.

Dietary choices also appeared to have an impact. People who ate a high-fiber diet were five times as likely to respond to immuno therapy and had more bacteria linked to a positive response. People with diets high in added sugar and processed meat, on the other hand, had fewer of these bacteria.

“The general perception is that probiotics make your gut micro biome healthier,” says a research scientist at the Parker Institute. “While more research is needed, our data suggest that may not be the case for cancer patients.”

Overall, the study may partly explain why some cancers do not respond well to immuno therapy treatment. It also suggests that certain dietary factors, especially careful consideration of probiotic supplements, may have an impact on success rates.

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