A new fan theory developing for ‘Avengers Endgame’

Endgame is the hottest topic on the internet. After the Decimation, which is what Marvel officially calls the infamous Thanos finger-snap that left half of the universe dead, there is a great amount of speculation as to whether and how the dead superheroes will come back.

A new fan theory suggests one hero, in particular, will sacrifice his life on the line to ensure an estranged friend and comrade-in-arms survives in his place.

Now, Thanos may still possess the Infinity Gauntlet (albeit damaged) with every Infinity Stone. But since time-travel is most likely involved in Endgame, it might not necessarily be those very Infinity Stones that the heroes need. They may take other Infinity Stones by going back to the past.

To explain the theory a little better, the user said, “For one, two beings know for certain that sacrifice is demanded to obtain the Soul Stone: Thanos and the Red Skull. Neither of the two can and/or will possibly tell the Avengers, but I believe that Nebula has figured it out. While battling Thanos on Titan, Nebula told Quill that Thanos came back with the stone but not Gamora. I am quite confident to say that she has some knowledge about a sacrifice being the price to obtain the Soul Stone, to which she tells Tony on Titan, after Infinity War. Thus, Tony will know that the Stone demands a sacrifice.”

According to reports, the Russo Brothers have previously said Steve Rogers aka Captain America will get a massive story arc in Endgame and a Tony Stark sacrifice develops the arcs of both characters quite significantly.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ opens April 26th.

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