The next big thing is not clothes or cars, its reusable straws

We all are well aware about the on going situation of the plastic straws in market. Many restaurants are introducing new kind of straws, paper to noodles and wheat yes all types.

But the other thing is straws have become luxury, mostly for women’s they are using it as a fashion statement and believe me when i say this, companies are ready to cash this opportunity by introducing the kind of straws.

Use of plastic straws are completely out of fashion now,as ban on plastic bags has taken to reduce environmental hazards. International market has taken now new step by introducing your new it reusable straws, which will help you make a fashion statement also.

Companies like Etsy, which has over 4,000 reusable straws available for purchase, including ones made of glass and ceramic, has seen a 198 percent increase in search volume for the term over the past year. “People are becoming more and more aware and conscious and opting for those other options,” says Etsy’s trend expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “And when you look into it, it takes 200 years for one plastic straw to break down, so you can make quite an impact.”.

International brand  Tiffany & Co. started this trend by introducing $250 dollars sterling sliver straws and $375 gold vermeil ones, that is a huge amount if converted in Pakistani rupee.

The internet exploded as we collectively wondered aloud, who the hell would pay almost $400 for a straw? At the time, it seemed completely ludicrous. Now, it seems only a little bit ludicrous. Because it the next big trend in the market.

Since the debut of what appears to be the fanciest straw on the market, other brands have also followed the steps. Another brand Goop, offers several straws, including a $68 dollar that has a rose quartz crystal at one end, a $95 package of six brass one in a sleek brown walnut holder, and an$18 dollar of bamboo ones that come accompanied by a wire cleaning brush. Even Make-up brands are not behind, Jeffree Star offers a four pack of pink metal straws for $20. Meanwhile brands like  CB2, West Elm, and Urban Outfitters all offer cheaper ones.

In our era of minimalism, itemized wishlists, and people who seem to “have it all” in every sense of the phrase So trend like these doesn’t seem to look odd in your mind. But this is a good and pricey initiative to avoid use of plastic.

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