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Not all heroes wear capes, a mysterious man.

Since the deadliest massacre of Las Vegas, people have been petrified and devastated. Since 2017 mass shootings have increased in number. According to Time magazine in 2019, 62 people have been killed up till now. The federal government has failed to regulate gun control.  In the past, Democrats have tried to pass the gun control bill but were never passed in the congress.

August 3rd, a gunman opens fire at El Paso Walmart. Nearly 22 people were killed during the mass shooting. The local authorities have stated that this is the case for domestic terrorism and it was done out of hatred.

However, there are some people who help others selflessly. El Paso police during the investigation found out that a man, who they describe as “hero”, was able to save the lives of several people. This mysterious man saved an infant at the time of the shooting.

According to the police, the man who saved people at the time of shooting needs to be highlighted for his efforts. The CCTV camera shows the blurred face of the suspected man but his identity is still not known.

It’s a courageous act to go out of the way to help someone, especially when your own life is in danger. We believe, the man who helped other people didn’t want to come forward.

There are people who believe in helping others but not making a show of it. This man inspires us to help those in need, without seeking for rewards.

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