Now you can stay in a Townhouse featured in The Crown.

Fans of the show ‘The Crown’ take notes: now you can stay and experience a Royal stay with a personal butler, jewels & corgis at a London townhouse. Plum Guide (a short term rental company) is offering this opportunity. You can get a chance & be a step closer to living like a Royal Family.

It’s quiet big enough to accommodate nearly 16 people. It features a fully stocked library, Robert Adam fireplaces, an indoor pool, sauna and gym, as well as a spacious double garage. 

You can also stay there throughout December. Enjoy the cozy weather and Christmas celebrations. Furthermore, you can also book multiple ‘Royal’ activities which would definitely add to your experience. You’ll also be able to enjoy an exclusive private tour of Stately Rooms at Buckingham Palace.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now & get to enjoy the Royal life! 😍😍

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