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Omicron variant was reported in South Africa much later than Europe…

The Omicron coronavirus variant was present in Europe long before it was reported in South Africa. The new virus strain was reported to the World Health Organization by South Africa, dozens of countries around the world have responded with travel restrictions. 

But the World Health Organization has stated that travel bans are more risky and they might do more harm than good now! 

The new variant has higher number of mutations and has a higher resistance to vaccine. 

This variant is making headlines as it is more deadly than the other variants. A dozen countries and territories have detected cases, including Australia, Britain, Canada, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy and Portugal.

Much information about this variant is still unknown and it could take a while to understand whether it is truly vaccine resistant or not. US drugmaker Pfizer and the backers of Russian vaccine Sputnik V are already working on an Omicron-specific vaccine.

What measures should be taken?

Re-introduce mandatory mask-wearing, social-distancing measures, curfews or lockdowns. Make Covid vaccines compulsory by the end of the year.

Greece went ahead Tuesday in making vaccines compulsory for over-60s, while Norway will offer booster shots to all adults before Easter, as preferable to a lockdown.

Moreover, social and public gatherings should be avoided at all costs. 

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