Online Harassment Cases in Pakistan

The worldwide epidemic has not only harmed our healthcare system, but it has also caused a slew of additional problems that require quick action. In the previous two months, the number of reported incidents of online harassment has grown by 189%. Since January 2020, the number of reported instances has more than doubled. This is highly concerning in terms of the emotional and societal consequences such incidents might have on victims. Cyber Harassment Helpline has gathered data, and the analysis will be provided in the form of a policy brief with suggestions.

The cyber harassment hotline reported an 189% rise in online harassment incidents in March and April. Women reported 74% of the instances, males reported 19%, and gender non binary people reported 5%. The cyber harassment offices had to close because to the state-instigated shutdown. The majority of the complaints were received via email and social media.

In such difficult circumstances, the Cyber Harassment line has been trying to offer support. Due to the lockout, the organisation was forced to rely on social media sites and emails to handle registered concerns.

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