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It’s difficult to take one’s mind off the recent bloody murder of Noor Mukaddam in a posh Islamabad neighbourhood, mostly because of its gruesomeness, but what’s more startling and disturbing is that it occurred in our own backyard, so to speak. Apart from the gruesome and disturbing details of the case, it would be unfair not to regard it as your own: the familiarity with the location, the way these large kothis are run and managed through guards and bearers, combined with the eerie nature of the entire turn of events is mind-numbing to say the least.

The cold-bloodedly murdered young lady’s dreamy and yet clever eyes with a half smile will haunt this country and be carved in our collective memory for a long time. Even Noor Muqaddam’s first name should be enough to make us halt in our tracks and consider how many young females with the same name we know. I’m sure there are at least five. Although Noor’s father’s controlled and dignified demeanour in front of the media is commendable, we must not lose sight of the ultimate goal of justice in this matter through our legal system as a nation.

Zah*r Jaff*r

The chief suspect, Zahir Jaffer, has admitted to killing Noor after she refused to marry him, according to the interim challan. The DNA report also revealed that the victim was raped before being slain, according to the interim challan. The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing has yet to submit a supplementary challan about the laptop and mobile phone report, according to the statement. The defendant confessed to killing and beheading the victim, according to the preliminary police challan. Zahir Jaffer informed the investigators that after Noor refused to marry him, he violently confined her in a room and killed her, according to the interim challan.

Still there’s no final verdict for Zahir Jaffer and his parents, I’m writing this article and Noor Muqaddam was brutally murdered on July 20th by her own boyfriend after keeping her hostage for days he had slit her throat with a sharp weapon. Many people were present in the house where Noor was murdered at the time of the incident. According to the authorities, the chief suspect instructed the watchman not to let anyone into the residence or to let the victim flee. According to the interim challan, Jaffer also hid the victim’s cellphone in a cupboard in his home, which was discovered when the suspect was identified. When the leading suspect notified his father about the murder, he advised him not to be alarmed. The body will be disposed of by the servants, according to the victim’s father. “The murder could have been avoided if the police had been notified sooner.” The suspect’s father “assisted his son in this heinous crime,” according to the interim challan.

Even after confessing his crime, there is no final verdict for this case as of yet. Where is our justice system? Dead or sleeping?

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