Pandora Revelation Responsibility.

The Pandora Papers have been talk to the town however, it hasn’t caused much issues like Panama Papers. The papers were released by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists on Sunday, and it lists number of renowned personalities & people who own offshore accounts. Brows have been raised whether they’ve legally acquired such properties or they never wanted to declare them in the first place & keep it concealed.

There is an entire list of Pakistani’s who were bought to day light after the release of Pandora papers & among them include Politicians including PM Imran Khan, multiple retired Army officials, to media owners & businessmen.

Ever since these papers were leaked, majority of them lined up to save their name & offered explanations which may not even be credible. PM himself has ordered that the names in the list should be interrogated.

One must remember that investigation of the people on the list isn’t harmful, neither against the law the same way having offshore properties isn’t a law. But the question on which law hinges is whether these were acquired legally? If so, then the stated personalities should not fear, appear before the law & rightfully claim their accounts. People need to be transparent especially in terms of taxes. There shouldn’t be hidden agenda’s like corruption, tax evasion & crime beneath it. As for the journalists, they have started to dig the details of people & their companies / properties in order to check whether they were all acquired lawfully or not.

Pandora Papers have released enough information about people & their accounts giving governments & authorities a way to dig deeper and let the rightful owners justify them.

Many among those named are associated with the government  including Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin and they must be scrutinised!

PM Imran Khan is advised to make relevant authorities perform their tasks with sheer amount of dedication & honesty to check if the released information in any way is hurting the country. It’s advised that the people who are working or are in important positions be stepped down from their posts or given a break, so that, they can rightfully claim their accounts & put any sort of rumour to ground once and for all.

If they are innocent then they need not to be afraid of the questions & scrutiny however, if they are found guilty of performing any misconduct then strict action should be taken against them!

A great deal of responsibility lies on the shoulders of relevant authorities, department and officers. If everyone comes together and works with honesty, much of the problem will be solved as soon as possible!

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