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People call for Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan after his efforts for peace

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan’s repeated gestures for peace are earning praise on a widespread level to the extent that calls for awarding Nobel Peace Prize to the premier are rising to a crescendo.

Minutes after the Pakistani premier announced that captured Indian pilot Abhinandan would be released on Friday, the social media erupted in joy with hundreds of Twitterati demanding that Khan deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for his continued efforts to save Asia which is teetering on the edge of a disaster.

Imran Khan’s efforts for peace despite acts of aggression from the Indian side are being noticed on a global level with noted journalists and intellectuals demanding recognition of these efforts in the form of a Nobel Peace Prize for the ongoing year.

Comedian Jeremy McLellan also questioned whether the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to former US president Barack Obama be awarded to Imran Khan.

An online petition ‘Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi Prime Minister of Pakistan for Nobal Prize for Peace’ was also launched for the said cause which is garnering signatures swiftly.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister once again called for de-escalation with India in a speech which is being widely hailed across the world.

“Don’t take this any further, Pakistan will be forced to retaliate. I hope the international community will play its part to ensure the situation does not escalate beyond this,” the prime minister added.

Earlier, while speaking to a private TV channel, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had said Pakistan would be willing to consider returning the Indian pilot if it led to de-escalation.

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