On Friday, Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan launched the Kisan Portal.
The project was part of the Pakistan Citizen’s Portal, which aimed to “help raise the voice of tiny, silent farmers.” The site was unveiled during an event in Islamabad. Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke during the occasion, saying that the government of Pakistan was assisting small farmers because “supporting them helps everyone of Pakistan.” He went on to say that the Kisan card will allow small farmers to get direct subsidies and money for subsidized soil and pesticides, as well as in times of need.

Small farmers will now have insurance that will enable banks to give them credit, which they did not do in the past,” he said. PM Imran talked about the hard work put in by the laborers and farmers and acknowledged that they endure all weathers and work despite the increasing number of challenges. He said that aiding farmers will , make the Almighty happy.

PM Khan said, “It is our duty to help them. More than 90% of farmers are small farmers whose voices do not reach us, do not reach those in power or those in cities. Our government has led a tehreek (movement) of insaf (justice).”

According to the prime, it is the vulnerable in our society that require the greatest justice (Insaaf).

The premier stressed the need of assisting small farmers since they end up selling their products at lower prices in the market and provide more produce than large farmers who have the ability to preserve their harvests.

According to the premier, the PTI administration aims to provide farmers with full remuneration for their product — money that they may use to improve their land and therefore increase crop output.

“What you are witnessing right now is merely a sliver of justice; they are only being paid what they deserve.”
“However, we still have a lot of work to do for them,” he insisted.

PM Imran also stressed the importance of research, especially seed development, because without it, output cannot be expanded. He stated that countries that invest in research generate higher-quality goods.
“We used to have the Faisalabad Agriculture University, which generated high-quality research, but when funding was reduced, the research was discontinued,” he added.

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