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PM Imran seeks Pakistani nation’s help to come out of ‘debt-trap’

Prime Minister Imran Khan is seeking help from the Pakistani nation to come out from ‘debt-trap’.

In his crucial message to the nation, Imran Khan said Pakistan’s debt has reached to 30,000 billion from 6,000 billion in the past 10 years. Now, half of the tax money is being spent on interest payments of these loans.

Corruption and tax evasion is the reason Pakistan has struck in debt-trap, Khan said adding that “We can collect 8,000 billion per year and for this I need nation’s support.”

“We have to stop tax evasion now. I need your help to stop this menace.”

Imran Khan said “we will tackle the menace of corruption. However, the cooperation of people is needed in tax collection.”

He said Pakistanis are a generous nation and they have a history of contributing massively in national calamities.

Imran Khan urged the nation to benefit from the assets declaration scheme (tax amnesty scheme) introduced by his government.

The Premier added FBR has complete record of all assets of the people and it is better if the people declare their assets without facing any difficulty.

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