Priyanka Chopra trolled for photoshopping herself in a picture with Nick

“Girl don’t embarrass yourself,” said Priyanka during a panel session to the girl who supported Pakistan and confronted her for promoting war. This scene was over the news worldwide because of which Priyanka too lost a lot of followers and supporters for presenting her not so professional statement being a UNICEF ambassador for harmony and peace.

Recently, people have started trolling her savagely for what she did next. And believe it or not this looks hilarious.

Recently, she got married to the very popular Hollywood actor/singer Nick Jonas, which made her even more dominant in the industry and as an international celebrity. But, apart from all that and looking at what funny action she took recently just perfectly explains the level of intellect

The Jonas Brothers were at the MTV Video Music Awards with their wives except for Nick, because they were nominated and in fact later on they won that award too as the brothers were seen celebrating the success with their wives and Nick was seen alone as his wife was traveling.

People started feeling for Nick, some even made memes out of this just for fun. Seems fine but later on Priyanka…. I mean, girl, are you making memes of yourself?

Mindblown! Priyanka photoshopped herself with Nick into the photo and people cannot stop trolling her. Moreover, they came up with savage comebacks and replies to what statement she gave to the girl during the panel session.

Hilarious isn’t it? Enough laughs for the day i must say.

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