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A Reader’s Heaven – The Top Most Beautiful Libraries In the World

When we talk about healthy communities, the first and the foremost question that pops in mind is “Do they read”? Well, without any doubt libraries are important bedrock of a healthy community. Libraries with the range of valuable resources in terms of new ideas and knowledge also provide a place for gathering.
However, it seems dull to read on a topic (of your choice) in an old and boring building. While it’s pretty obvious that books and facilities make a library, but an appealing surrounding with a striking architecture and a beautiful decor is a cherry on the top.

Here are some of our personal favorite libraries around the world which would certainly make any reader fall in love!

Royal Portuguese Reading Room – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
With its exceptional architecture and gorgeous balustrades, this beautiful library is a treat to all the book lovers. Not to mention that the library holds the biggest and the most valuable Portuguese literature collection and that also outside Portugal!

State Library of New South Wales – Sydney, AustraliaDesigned in a classical style, the State Library of New South Wales carries an honor of being the oldest institution in Australia. The tall towering bookshelves and the gorgeous skylights beautify the place even more.

Abbey Library of Saint Gall – St. Gallen, SwitzerlandFamous for its wide ranging collection of manuscripts, Abbey Library of Saint Gall is one of the most significant monastic libraries around the world.

Seattle Central Library – Seattle, Washington, USA
Built in a modernized style, this unique and glistening geometric building ensures that Seattle Central Library stands out on the globe. While the exterior of the building makes it pretty unique, its interior hasn’t been neglected and includes beautiful seminar rooms and well-organized bookshelves.

Halmstad City Library – Halmstad, Sweden
The gleaming and the sleek architecture of this building makes it to the list of the most beautiful libraries around the world.

Do tell us your views about these heavenly places!

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