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Sapphire’s Lawn Collection is here to fulfill the need for every occasion and mood!

Four years back, when Sapphire entered the fashion world, the high-street retail landscape was already saturated. Yet, this nascent brand managed to carve out its own identity. How did the young brand manage to give established brands a run for their money? By understanding the psyche of its customers and never conforming to the trends that dictated the market. Rather, it always dared to do something different; ultimately paving the way for itself to become an industry trendsetter.

True to form, Sapphire recently launched its latest collection that features six wholesome lines; a first for any lawn brand. Each line has a very distinct personality, catering to the needs and fashion sensibilities of different women.

“By introducing different lines, we wanted to celebrate the uniqueness of each woman and their individual sense of style. We wanted to let the quirks and nuances of women’s personalities guide the design process so that the end result is satisfactory to their needs and requirements,” shared Mahgul Rashid, Creative Head, Sapphire.

It is important to note that the lines were not created at whim, rather it was a decision taken at a strategic level. “We wanted to really drill down into the needs of our customers.  After conducting in-depth research, poring over customer feedback and analyzing the needs of women of varying age groups & lifestyles, we decided to introduce these lines. Each line is a living, breathing compendium with its own mood,” said Zeeshan Haider, General Manager Marketing at Sapphire.

The lines were meticulously curated down to the very last detail to make it easy for the customers to pick up complete ensembles as well as mix and match pieces from different lines.

Let’s have a look at each of them separately.


Sapphire Pop is for the woman who is unapologetic, chic and is always on top of the fashion game.  Bright colours and bold, unconventional prints sets the line apart from the rest.


The category is designed for women who are always on the go; carrying out multiple tasks at once.  Sapphire Daily aims to bring ease back into everyday dressing. With a blend of comfort and style, the daily line helps you look flawless without the hassle of dressing up.


Evoking traditions of old, the Classic line is perfect for those who love culture and traditions. The strong sub-continental aesthetic makes you take a trip back in time. Grounded in tradition, Sapphire Classic celebrates age old techniques and processes of fabric development coupled with timeless prints, patterns and embroideries.


The line was conceptualized and designed for the woman who yearns to look elegant and loves soft, feminine designs.  Think intricate embroideries, minimal embellishments and a subtle colour palette.


Who doesn’t want to be the center of attraction? Sapphire Statement is a line that plays on the aesthetics of designer lawn but at an affordable price. With bold prints, dark shades and embroidered pieces, Sapphire Statement is for women who loves to stand out from the crowd.


Sapphire Luxe presents you with an array of opulent, glamorous evening wear for all your festive occasions ranging from weddings and dinner parties to any event close to your heart.

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