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Shaan Shahid slammed for criticising Aurat March posters

Veteran actor Shaan Shahid was slammed on social media for criticising some of the posters raised during the Aurat March held across major cities in Pakistan on International Women’s Day.

Some of the placards have become a topic of debate with certain people criticising them for being “vulgar”.

Shaan was among those who thought these posters were “not freedom” but “verbal nudity” and “do not represent our culture, our values and the respect we have for our women”.

In another tweet, the actor posted pictures of some posters and wrote, “#respectforwomenfirst No brother can see this poster in the hands of his sister.”

Several people slammed Shaan and asked the actor whether he had seen his own films and made a collage of some scenes from them. “Acting is a choice taking on a role that is exploitative not a majboori,” a guy said in response to a tweet.


As the Twitter exchange continued, Shaan said, “You can’t comment on actors you aren’t one, what choices they make are needed for the professionalism they represent .. where is our freedom of expression?” The tweet once again led to people questioning the hypocrisy in Shaan speaking about “freedom of expression”.

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