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Why silence? Where is the shining star” No praise for “Sqn Ldr. Hassan Siddique”?

By: Shamoon Rasool

The question arises as to where is the pilot “Hassan Siddique” why is he not awarded or being brought on TV shows to get him famous and glamourized.

If Indians would have shot down the aircraft they would have praised their soldiers so much globally that it would become a phenomenon. Whereas on our side why are we so dead as  a nation?

We should be more excited to cherish and praise the success of our Pakistani Air Force (PAF) and its brave pilot  “Hassan Siddique”. As he has been in the eyes of the international media since the pilot downed the two  Indian air crafts as they violated along the LOC “Line Of Control” and our airspace and questioned on our sovereignty. Our brave pilot should be glamourized and brought on television shows so that his words and thoughts for peace should be spread throughout the world.

We need to give more exposure to the brave pilot who faced off to Indian aggression and brought India to its knees and brought respect and honor for Pakistan in the eyes of the global leadership and the its people.

Still, the kids are aware of all fictional characters like Batman, Superman but aren’t aware of the courageous and heroic act of “Hassan Siddique”

I recall the old days sometimes as to when our bravest soliders and pilots used to get praised on television and people use to get aware of it. Even today we recall our courageous, brave and heroic soldiers who fought till their last breath for the safety and peace of our country and impressed with their heroic attempts of defeating the enemy and failing them in their evil missions for Pakistan.  A glorious example is of the heroic martyrdom of the very famous Major Aziz Bhatti, who had been awarded the sword of honor as he successfully accomplished his duty towards the nation

It is a shame for the people and media, Sqn Ldr. Hassan Siddique who is the hero of Pakistan is not being praised and being honored with an award for his act of bravery. And we as nation should always remember to honor, respect, glamourize and praise for their utmost commitment and determination for the safety and prosperity of Pakistan.

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