Simple habits that may prolong your life

According to researchers, Americans have a much shorter life expectancy compared to other countries in the world.

Recent study from Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health revels that, they have found five habits that could prolong a person’s life by up to a decade or more. For the study, researchers reviewed 34 years’ worth of data from 78,000 women and 27 years’ worth from more than 44,000 men.

The results showed a correlation between healthy behaviours and cardiovascular issues: Women and men who maintained the healthiest lifestyles were 82% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease and 65% less likely to die from cancer when compared to those with the least healthiest lifestyles over the course of the roughly 30-year study period.

The study suggested that maintaining these five habits could add up to 10 years or more to a person’s life:

1: Maintain a healthy diet: Poor diets leads to one in five deaths. It can also lead to problems like high blood pressure and diabetes. So a good diet, contains minimally processed, whole foods and grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and any natural source of protein.

2: Exercise daily: It’s absolutely essential to set aside time to exercise daily. Study found that just small amounts of daily exercise can extend life expectancy by as much as 4.5 years. The main idea is to avoid inactivity, which can be a problem for those who have desk jobs.

3:  Keep a healthy weight: Weight control significantly reduced the risk of diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular risk factors and breast cancer.

4: Limit your soft drink intake:  It gains weights and increase the risk of cancer and other immune diseases.

5: Don’t smoke:  As the health risks of smoking have become increasingly apparent, there’s been more effort in warning people about the dangerous side effects. It causes severe damage to your organs.

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