Slap a teacher TikTok challenge could mean serious consequences

Schools, police, and parents are warning against an alleged “slap a teacher” TikTok challenge.  TikTok stated that it hasn’t found content related to the challenge on its platform. This follows a popular TikTok challenge where students posted about stealing school equipment.

For the past few weeks, children on TikTok have been doing ‘challenges’ that involve a random act in school. One called the ‘devious licks challenge’ promoted children to steal or damage objects in their schools. The most recent challenge persuades children to smack a teacher.

US Authorities are on high alert regarding this challenge and warns the students of serious consequences for their actions. The California Teachers Association has advised educators to treat the “pranks” as crimes, urging administrators to pursue expulsion and criminal prosecution.

Slapping a teacher, regardless of whether it results in injury, is assault and is completely unacceptable and illegal. Recording in a classroom or on other school property without permission is illegal.

The monthly challenges started last month with an exhortation to “vandalize school bathrooms,” resulting in incidents of property damage that got students suspended and arrested nationwide.

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