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Souvenirs of Paksitan – Every traveller needs to know!

To make the most of your trip to Pakistan, check out this list of things you need to buy from Pakistan before coming back to your country.

If you’re going to Multan you better remember packing some special Multan Sohan Halwa for your loved ones.

You just cannot say you’ve visited Lahore if you haven’t brought some Khalifa Nankhatai back for the people you love.

If you stumble upon the Faisalabad city, dont forget buying branded lawn at cheap prices.

When in Sialkot, dont forget to buy sports goodies for the kids of the family!

In the beautiful Swat Valley ? Be sure not to forget the extremely juicy peaches.

When in Peshawar, dont forgetting a pair of Peshawari chappal!

When in Hala, Buy some traditional Sindhi ajrak and topis.

Don’t forget! Khairpur has always been famous for Almond dates.

Ziarat is not just famous for Quaid’s residency, but also the red and black cherries which are to die for.

And lastly, Quetta produces the best dry fruits in the world. Which is a must get for your loved ones.

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