Starting and running your own social network

Various social network websites have become a real must-have of our daily lives. These websites entertain us; they help us find business partners or make new friends, and so on and so forth. And one more benefit: popular social networking platforms are able to bring a huge deal of money to their owners.

Here are few steps to start and run your own social network.


First of all, it’s necessary to find an original idea and think over the website concept. Namely, answer a few questions, and answer carefully: Big projects start from an idea and they must have value and be unique. Of course, you can copy the idea of Facebook, but nobody needs Facebook #2. Take care that your social network is interesting and unique for users. Segmentation will help you in this and you can build a social network for lovers of movies, books, or music. But this already exists. Anyway, the idea should stand like the cryptocurrency exchange platforms, which are gaining popularity in the world.

Define the features and functions

The definition of the features and functions is closely related to the quality of the identification of your community. Your community’s wants and needs will shape and outline the features of developing a social networking website. The overall vision of your website is vital. A macro scan that will break things down into categories such as user functions, administrative functions, and advertising is an important thing to do.

Preparing for the development of a social network

  • Short documentation, First of all, you need to make a list of the functions of the future project. This can briefly describe the goal of the social network and its functions.

  • Domain Name Before the phases of the development, you must select the name of the social network and the domain name. The cost of the domain is not very expensive. It’s recommended to use one platform for domain registration and hosting

    Choose the right technology

    Identifying the features and functions of your social media network will decide the platform and the company where you can create your own network. The biggest issue at this stage is the doubt about what method will be more effective and efficient for your social media network. Evaluating technology is something that must be done by experts. Hiring a consultant to help you compare technologies is the best solution. It will save a lot of time and money.

    Planning and social network design

    At this stage, professional help may be needed, and the following work must be performed:

    • Information architecture, a primary stage, implying an initial distribution of information among the main blocks. The main goal is to understand the approximate structure of your site.

    • Prototyping, a more detailed drawing of the website layout. Prototypes are of various types, both paper, and digital ones, of different levels of complexities and detail. Choose the one that is best fits the bill.

    • Technical project. The technical project should be drawn up with the help of specialists who will advise you on what tools needs to be selected to make a social media website. Also, you’ll have a chance to discuss all the deadlines. And it’s imperative to carefully document each step: in the future, it’ll help you avoid disputes with the chosen development team.

    • Interface and design concept. Now the approved prototype turns into a full-fledged design concept, which can even be made interactive if desired. It will give a clear idea as to how the website will look after launch.

      Promote Your Social Network Effectively

The final goal is to capitalize on the efforts in the market properly. Combine passion with money earning:

  • Advertising on your platform – banners ads, sponsored posts, sponsorships, brand mentions.

  • Partnerships with other companies and influencers programs. Affiliate marketing is an eminent monetization way;

  • Sell digital products (like e-books, games, software, music, apps) and physical goods (paper books, electronics, craft, food) on the site;

  • Event organizing: charging for participation or sponsorships;

  • Freelance services like training, coaching, consulting can help

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