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Style guide for eastern wear men

Eid ul Adha is around the corner, while most of the men out there are taking care of their sacrificial animal. Most of the men forget that just like eid they need to dress up as well for those BBQ parties with colleagues or a sudden invitation from their in-laws for a gathering or dinner. Men must be ready with those eastern outfits whenever there is a call for such gathering. It is not necessary to wear specifically eastern however the occasion calls for it.

there are tons of options to wear, we have picked up few options for all the men reading this. Firstly, if you’re unsure what will suit you or not, get in your car and hit the store. Any designer will help you out to find the perfect colour, material and fit for you. there are several options in the market, Amir Adnan, Ahmed Bahm and Romail’s. They have the best fit for you and our specialist in this specific niche, so don’t worry they got covered.

If you are a person who likes to get everything done at the last moment, well time to change this habit but of course old habits die hard. So don’t worry, head to your nearest mall and you will find tons of shops that are filled with eastern wear that too with a lot of variety entailing your personal style and sense. To begin with, J. and idea’s might be the first that pops in your head and why not as they have been dominating the eastern wear category for decades. Their designs and print are unique, secondly, J. is an all in one place for eastern wear, from kurta’s in colours and designs you can’t even imagine to Peshawari sandals. sizes and fits offer variety too. both the stores offer regular-fit and slim-fit, it leaves you with the choice and of course no one else can know better about your body than yourself. It’s obvious hit these stores and you will find the right ensemble for your eid days.

according to recent trends in eastern wear, men now prefer kurta’s simple yet classy. according to this rising trend and demand, new entrants like sapphire, Almas, Lama and chapter 2 are here to fulfil those needs, teenagers at this age require their clothes to be minimal and tend to elevate their looks with accessories and stuff. so if you are one of those people who wants a minimalist look this eid, head out to these stores. All of the stores above will cater to your needs. if you want a kurta in basic colours like black, blue, white and white and something that is simple yet has its own identity for example a little detail on buttons or collar. if you are the type of person who’s done with only wearing cotton kurta’s, these stores offer kurta’s in many textures, like embroidered, linen and satin. moreover, if you are a person who prefers bold colours, these stores got you covered too from soft pastel colours such as pink and mint green to exploding red and orange, you will find it in these stores. lastly, there is this prevailing trend of kurta pajama’s for few years. Everyone is running after that look. well, guess what these stores have successfully masted the art of kurta pajama’s as well.

go to any store, get anything but please I request you wear eastern on the days of Eid. your sweatpants and t’s can wait for a day or two!


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