Sustainability lessons we all should take notes from Copenhagen’s fashion week.

Copenhagen is considered to be the capital of sustainable fashion. It is ambitious and has new ways of meeting goals related to working conditions, material choices and environmental strategy.

They are considered to be a driving force for change and they can’t compromise on creativity as well.

Listed below are 5 ways we can learn sustainability lessons from Copenhagen which  will allow us succeed and earn a name in the fashion industry.

Sustainability comes in all shapes and forms.

While sustainability is important, it is also life saving. Copenhagen’s fashion week has shown how it’s possible to take a more maximalist approach. You can wear upcycled streetwear and under-the-sea prints, to “techno tea party” themed clothes; fabric made from deadstock and cork textile.

Eco-friendly practices are non-negotiable for young designers.

There are too many designers in the industry and they all talk about climate crisis. They are all well aware of and concerned about the environment and want to move fashion towards sustainability.

Significant steps can be made in a short space of time.

Brands that are well-established and well known make progress rather quickly. Brands like Ganni has made its products from recycled and organic raw materials. Their collection is environmental friendly and they have been making such products since the past three years.

Ever since the pandemic, brands have started to show case their designs digitally. They no longer feel the need to host a full-scale show every season. This is further reducing their environmental footprint while still getting a higher global audience.

Copenhagen’s fashion week has for sure become the most exciting news around the globe since they are inspiring other brands and fashion weeks to follow their footsteps. CFW’s is an inspiration for us all and we should adopt the way it’s working and setting the foundation for sustainability. We have seen how UN has declared “red code for humanity.” If we don’t join hands and help now, we shall forget our world.

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