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Teacher shapes your life or breaks your life.

Teachers play a vital role in your life. They give you confidence and they can take that away from a child as well. Everyone is their life may have had a teacher to whom they remember till date in good way or bad wat. Some teachers we saw used to be bias as well and discriminate between students and then there were those who left a huge positive impact on us.

A great teacher is someone who not only has a great command on their subject but also understands children. They need to accept the fact that not every child is the same. Some are extraordinary, some excel in other arena’s and may need help with a couple of other things where as some simply lack motivation. Teachers when are recruited should be done in a systematic way. They should realize that motivating and encouraging a child is important. They need to keep aside their personal problems and struggles.

There should be one criteria of hiring and recruiting a teacher and it should be implemented in all educational institutes. For eg in a class of 30 or 40 if one or two children have difficulty in grasping a concept then they should be helped rather than neglected. The teachers need to be able to speak English fluently if they are to teach a subject otherwise there is no point of hiring them in the first place.

The parents pay a hefty amount not for inexperienced teachers. If a child wants to ask any question he should do it without any fear and the teacher should put their authority and position to fair use. One thing which is quiet common in our educational institutes is the fact that when a teacher can’t clarify the concepts of the children they ask them to just memorize it. This is wrong and some subjects require logical thinking rather than just memorizing it.

A child should be able to openly ask questions and be polite to the child which will encourage learn and increase motivation.

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