The 60-years old Abdul Waheed Wins the Gold Medal

People work hard to stay fit. While some people achieve their goals, others give up along the road. Ustad Abdul Waheed, a 60-year-old Pakistani bodybuilder, has been chasing his fitness objective from the age of 16 and continues to do so. Waheed will be crowned Mr. Pakistan after winning the Bodybuilding Championship 2021.

His triumph was remarkable because of his age and athleticism. Waheed wins a bodybuilding competition at the age of 60, leaving everyone in awe of his athleticism. In the photos shot at the tournament, his biceps, triceps, and strong body were a sight to behold.

“Good health is a divine blessing. With Him pouring His blessings on me and me down here not considering anything for granted and training hard to stay healthy, even at 60, I don’t see why I won’t be able to keep competing in bodybuilding contests till I’m 100,” Waheed chuckles as he speaks to a leading news channel.

Pakistan is super proud of this man who has won millions of hearts by winning the gold medal for the people of Pakistan.

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