The 7 questions Dermatologists get asked all the time – And Their Answers.

If you have any skin concern from rosacea to minor, major acne always head towards the dermatologist instead of using home remedies. Dermatologists have seen, done and experienced every skincare concern, it’s their expert advice and education which shouldn’t be questioned.

The first question asked is whether diet affects acne.

Well, to answer that we need to take into account hormones and genetics. There are people who are allergic to a few things such as dairy and refined sugars. So we shouldn’t just randomly deprive our body of proper food and nutrition. It can lead to a lot of issues such as eating disorder. But there are times when you put something in your body and you notice that it is breaking out your skin for eg prawns, beef, dairy etc then you need to switch from that and instantly talk to your dietician.

Is the SPF moisturizer as good and effective as the sunscreen? The main problem arises whether they give the same results and whether the formulas are water resistant too. It’s worth it that you invest in a 2 in 1 as it saves times and does both jobs together. Make sure your sun screen and SPF contains UVA protection otherwise it’s not good for anyone.

Do collagen supplements actually work?

Well while there is no particular evidence that collagen supplements actually work. This is because your gut breaks it down into smaller components and rather than sending it to your skin it just gets passed around your body. Its better that you use sunscreen, healthy and good diet, retinol and that should be about it. Your work will be done.

Will my breakouts ever go away?

Honestly, they might but the reality for many women is that they do exist even when you get in your thirties. The great news is that if you use anti-acne products and incorporate them in your life then definitely it will prevent premature ageing and your skin may look better and healthy. It’s better that you start using these products at an early age because they will benefit you. Things take time, slowly and gradually they’ll work.

What is the right age to start having injectable?

A lot of people are concerned and ask this question whether they are either too old or young for injectable. A lot of people in their mid-thirties and onwards should opt for injections, it’s not exactly about the age rather it’s your genes and the amount of sun exposure you’ve had, the diet you eat, hours of sleep you get. You can even take someone who is in their late teens and if they’ve had minimal sun exposure then their skin will look younger and they’ll age beautifully. They necessarily don’t need any injectable treatments. On the other hand if there is a person in their late twenties who has had expensive treatments to outdoor sports, summer vacations you’d see more lines on their forehead. Different ethnic groups also age differently, a person with fairer skin would have more prominent wrinkled than someone who is Asian or has Black skin, their melanin acts as a protection against that.

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