The Saas Bahu problematic show by Nida Yasir!

There is a story about morning show that was aired about a couple of days ago on Nida Yasir’s morning show which we all truly dint need. 

She called on 4 sets of saas-bahu who were not too happy with each-other. Their relations with each other weren’t too cordial, of course this had to be ‘Morning tea’ for Nida’s show. However, the internet really dint take it well! 

Our nation is already struggling with great number of problems and we don’t want yet another toxic show like Nida Yasir’s let alone the topic she chose! 

Her show should be publicly protested & banned. Morning shows are watched by 2/3 household in Pakistan and it reaches mass households especially those women who are to become future mother in laws. 

Mother in laws want educated daughters. They’ll find doctors & ambitious girls but those who don’t work, have management skills and excellent pressure taking skills. They want a fashionista bahu who is an engineer or teacher but capable of staying of at home & be a sit at home wife and mom. They also want those who will not care about her office colleagues if someone is coming over. They should dress well, prep food and plaster a smile on their face while mentally breaking down constantly. Till date there are saas’ who don’t want their daughter in laws to visit their own mum’s house more than once a month.

Views on this episode are skyrocketing. Is this really what our religion & educated chunk will teach us now?! People look upto Nida Yasir, if she as an influencer shows this ‘keechar’ then let’s ban her & protest against her. 

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