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This Independence week, let’s take you on a walk down the memory lane

Today, we present to you the best patriotic songs that capture the spirit of Independence and will definitely take you down the memory lane. We cannot forget the amazing times when we were in school and all these channels used to play the classic songs composed especially to awaken the spirits of the Nationals for Independence Day. The melodious voices of the artists, as always colored the Pakistani flag greener than ever every year as these soulful songs implanted the sense of love and patriotism for every one and we as Pakistanis do feel proud of that!

Music and art has always been a favorable way to enlighten the mood of people which beautifully triggers their emotions and sentiments through the catchy melodies. So this August, let’s relive those ecstatic moments again and celebrate Azadi with these mellifluous songs like we used to.

1. Dil Dil Pakistan – Vital Signs

Dil Dil Pakistan, released by Vital Signs in 1987 is the most iconic National song of Pakistan. This hit piece took Vital Signs to the peak of success and popularity across the globe. This song was listed as the 3rd most popular in the world as it brings out one’s love for the nation and is known by every child and adult of Pakistan

2. Main Tou Dekhoonga by Strings

This hit single produced by the Pakistani pop rock band Strings, was released in 2011. The song highlights sociopolitical content through astounding lyrics which are written extravagantly to boost up the hope of Pakistanis and one just cannot control the overwhelming emotions after listening to this piece of art produced by Strings, the most loved one by the youth.

3. Aye Jawan – Haroon & Faakhir

Haroon and Faakhir’s, Aye Jawan used to be the most played and loved song for Independence Day celebrations. The song gives an exciting feel and manages to whisper life into the listener’s ear in a way that you still cannot control the enthusiasm. One cannot just peacefully sit back and listen to its beats because this song will make you dance off too!

4. Jeevay Jeevay Pakistan

This song was released in 1965 during the Pakistan-India war, written by Mirza Jamiluddin to awaken the patriotism of the people struggling for their nation. It is one of the oldest and the most patriotic pieces released during those times.

5. Sohni Dharti

Sohni Dharti was one of those songs released after the Indo- Pak war. Recently Coke studio too re-launched the song with a different feel sung by some popular singers that really did enlighten up the emotions of the people for the country. The melody of this song does feel like honey to the ear!

6. Jazba-e-Junoon by Junoon

Jazba-e- Junoon from the album Inqilab produced by the band Junoon is famous for being known as the greatest rock super hit for Pakistan’s music history. The song was used as a signature anthem for Pakistan in Cricket World Cup of 1996. No doubt, this thrilling piece in Ali Azmat’s voice is still everyone’s favorite and that too ranked on top!

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