Top 5 startups of Pakistan that are bound to grow and make fortune

Pakistan’s economy has been on a ventilator. Compared with exports, our imports are multifaceted, so there is a huge trade deficit. To solve this dilemma, we need short-term and long-term measures. One of the most important long-term measures we must take is to establish and support local businesses. Attracting international investment is also imperative to make the Pakistani rupee stronger. Fortunately, in the past few years, many incubators and accelerators have been dedicated to supporting startups and promoting corporate development. Although generally considered synonyms, incubators and accelerators actually function differently. Entrepreneurs must first determine whether they need incubators or accelerators at all stages of the business life cycle.




We will discuss the top five growing Pakistani startups that started in 2020 and achieved significant results in less than a year.

1: Graana is the latest startup in Pakistan’s real estate industry. It is a leading real estate agent and developer in Pakistan. This company helps consumers buy, and sell their property across Pakistan. Granna has been operating since 2019 and has been expanding ever since. It introduces many opportunities in the real estate sector and allows users to use the platform to conduct business online. Graana aims to simplify the process of real estate dealings which in Pakistan are quite hectic troublesome. The vision is set to digitalize property dealings in a smooth and effective manner.


2: Founded in 2006, is the most well-funded startup company in Pakistan., co-founded by the two brothers, is considered the best real estate portal in Pakistan. It allows buying, selling and renting real estate in major cities in Pakistan. So far, has been able to obtain $29 million in disclosed venture capital funds. During the most recent financing period, its value is estimated to be approximately US$80 million.


3: Bykea started its business in 2018 by targeting specific consumer groups and became the main bicycle transportation service, avoiding traffic congestion and congestion, while providing affordable commuting solutions. Later, Bykea launched courier and pickup services throughout Pakistan. Bykea provides the public with the opportunity to use bicycles for delivery services and earn a reasonable amount from this service. Since its establishment, the company has developed very rapidly.


4:Dawaai has recently started its business online and has revolutionized the pharmacy world with its unique home delivery service. Users can order their medicines online and deliver them to their homes at an affordable cost. Dawaai allows users to search for drugs on their website and order online. The company sells medicines at affordable prices and does not charge high fees for delivery services. The company played a huge role in the pandemic and lockdown by providing all medicines to consumers at their doorsteps.

5:Sehat Kahani is providing healthcare services to Pakistani citizens. It provides healthcare consulting services for people who use telemedicine. There are many male and female doctors who provide medical advice to people suffering from various diseases. It uses e-health applications to connect people with doctors and consult their questions at any time. It allows people to make appointments with professional doctors and get their opinions on various health issues.

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