Touristy spots in Oslo.

A trip to Oslo often requires a little bit of planning. There are many places to visit but sadly we can only choose our favorites. Compiled below is a list of things to do in Oslo if you plan on visiting.

You’ll love the city! ❤️

Take a look at some of the best things to do in Oslo ???????? :

  • Firstly explore the Akershus Fortress.
    If you want to know the history of Oslo then you need to visit this 13th century old fortress which was built to protect it from the attack of invaders, it also has a castle. A Renaissance castle which was home to and hosted many queens and kings, today it’s not a royal residence anymore yet there are plenty of things to see. The views of Oslo Fjord are quiet mesmerizing and unbeatable from there especially on a clear summer day. (No entrance fee).
  • Viking Ship Museum.
    It is one spot that you can’t leave without visiting. This museum is packed with Viking history and inside the museum are impressive collections of Viking vessels which also include Tune, Oseberg and Gokstad. The ticket includes a free entry into the Historical Museum for the next 48 hours too.

    Stroll through Vigeland Park.
    If you love looking at art and sculpture this is the place for you. You can’t leave without going to the world’s biggest sculpture part which was made by Gustav Vigeland. If’s one of the best things to look at and get mesmerized by. You need to walk around the park, witness and explore the beautiful art. Nearby the park are some pretty fancy and cute cafe’s and restaurants which will leave your taste buds and hunger satisfied.

  • Go be sure to check out Oslo Cathedral.
    It is a beautiful spot to look at while you’re walking around Oslo. The Cathedral is some hundreds of years old and has been renovated and preserved a couple of times.  The ceiling is quiet artistic and beautiful.
  • Explore Aker Brygge Neighborhood.
    Oslo is beautiful, scenic and too friendly. If you’re there make sure to randomly stroll and explore the gorgeous neighborhoods. It will elevate your mood and you can take aesthetically pleasing – instagrammable pictures there, go to Aker Brygge- it was made on the site of a former shipyard and is bustling with restaurants, cozy cafe’s, and unique little boutiques. If you’;re passing from that area do visit Tjuvholmen city beach it’s beautiful and fun on a hot summer day.

    • Be sure to visit National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design.
      The National Museum of Oslo is too unique and has different exhibitions that it hosts. While staying there make sure you prolong your stay to enjoy different venues and do check out world’s famous “The Scream” By Edvard Munch.
    • Nordmarka will make you stop in your tracks.
      It is a beautiful forest and if you like and want to reconnect to the nature then your go-to spots will be Holmenkollen,, Frognerseteren, Sørkedalen, and Sognsvann. There are multiple activities you can do for eg skiing, fishing, hiking, campinng, enjoying serene lakes etc.
    • You should visit Grünerløkka.
      It has been converted to a place now hosting cutest vitange-y shops and cafes. If you are hungry do checkout Nighkawk Diner. For a romantic dinner do book your table at Kontrast it has the world’s finest dinning dishes. Also, check out Sunday flea market, you’ll grab everything at a steal price!
    • Do go to Holmenkollen Ski jump tower.
      As you know Skiing is considered to be a part of Norwegian culture and they are too passionate about it. There are many ski jumping competitions there which are all held at Holmenkollen and there is also a museum inside, it only opens once a year.
    • Sail the Oslo Fjord.

      If the weather is good you definitely need to cruise on the Oslo Fjord. A couple of ferries at Aker Brygge go and you can choose any according to your time schedule. You should also go island hopping and definitely your heart will stop and your eyes will be stuck on the views! Later go back in the city and visit Royal Palace and enjoy your night with dinner perhaps at Way Down South.

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