Toxic corporate cultures and how to get rid of it

When corporate cultures are damaged and weakened due to different reasons, it can severely affect all the internal and external stakeholders of your business. in a nutshell the future of your organization will be jeopardized. Toxic corporate cultures can kill your business and affect your customers base. Many employees will flee as things gradually worsen, and those who stay may not act as they care about doing more than the minimum, much less about making clients happy.

Changing your corporate culture is a challenging process, but it is not impossible. With the right approach, you can turn around the viewpoint of your employees and managers — or find new ones who share your vision — and recreate a positive corporate culture.

We have figured out few signs that will help you identify traits that lead to toxic cultures and the eventual downfall of your company.

1: Unmotivated Employees

A clear warning sign of a toxic culture is unmotivated employees. They are “present,” but demonstrate no “presence.” The first step in fixing the problem is to enhance engagement through a shift in culture and meaningful recognition. Communication is key and critical conversations is a must with the employees in order to understand the reason for unmotivated morale.

2: Dissatisfaction and Workforce anxiety

toxic company culture is felt by the employees. Employees reporting anxiety, lack of motivation and dissatisfaction at work across the organization are likely influenced by the environment created at work. The first step to fixing the problem is acknowledging that there is a cultural problem that everyone within the organization is responsible for fixing.

3: High Turnover

One major warning sign of a company culture gone bad is high turnover. If the company is consistently hiring for the same positions, most often this could be a result of poor management. The first step in correcting this issue is identifying where this problem began. Then you can work to correct the problem and create a more positive effect downstream.

4: Being all things to all people

Believing that you can be all things to all people inside an organization can create an exhaustive, toxic culture. The opportunity that is being missed is a recognition of individual strengths and leveraging those to get the work done. It is the path to least resistance, it will create high engagement, drives performance, and you get an organization of happy and energized employees. These lead to improve the overall performance of your organization in terms of sales.

5. Empathy

One of the main highlights of a toxic corporate culture is a lack of empathy. It has become easy for supervisors and executives to ask something from them but not care about them. This is the problem that leads to a downward spiral of morale. To fix this, invest in small talks, get to know your employees. Basically, just be a human and become understanding.

6: Disengagement

Do your employees say they’re “busy” or do they talk about the awesome things going on in their professional and personal lives? “Busy,” to me, is a code word for overwhelmed, unfocused and underappreciated. Engage your people, know what makes them tick, and create employee happiness programs to stimulate sharing of information by elevating trust, recognition and an inclusive culture.



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