Transgender woman started her own Food delivery business in Lahore

In a society where it is hard to speak up for your rights, where you have to struggle. We often see transgenders are not given any rights to do anything.

When we talk about transgenders, the first image that comes to our minds of them are as beggars or dancers. Why?

Because this is how they earn their wages. Because they are not given any platforms. People make fun of them, they tease them, they disrespect them, almost making them feel vulnerable.


In Lahore, a Trangender woman named Moon is turning every disrespectful remark into acheievement. She has started her own food delivery service by the name of ‘Koonda Chaari’ along with other trans genders. This service is for offices and home.

Human rights activist and feminist Nighat Dhas also shared her reviews at this delightful news.

She is also getting appreciable reviews on her Facebook page.

This is simply heartwarming. We do not know what they are capable of unless they are given a chance. Everyone needs support and encouragement to do something and succeed in it.

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