Have you ever pondered why you feel or act the way you do? The way your mind works has a significant impact on who you are and what you do. It’s interesting how every ‘unique’ mind functions similarly on some levels.

For many people, psychology is a source of intrigue. People can develop a better understanding of themselves and others by learning about the fundamentals of behavior and the human mind. Psychologists also play an important part in health care by caring for people who are suffering from mental illnesses, providing psychotherapy, researching treatment possibilities, and educating patients how to effectively manage their symptoms.

The study of mental processes and behavior is known as psychology. The word psyche is derived from the Greek terms psyche, which means “breath, spirit, or soul,” and logia, which means “study of.” One of the most widespread misconceptions about psychology is that it is simply “common sense.” The difficulty is that psychological research has shown that many of the things we assume to be common sense are actually false.
People would not engage in behaviors that they know are unhealthy for them, such as smoking or eating junk food, if common sense were as common as people claim.

Topics and questions in psychology can be looked at in a number of different ways. Each perspective helps contribute a new level of understanding to a topic. Some of the major perspectives in psychology include:

  • Biological perspective
  • Cognitive perspective
  • Behavioral perspective
  • Evolutionary perspective
  • Humanistic perspective

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