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US refuses to share data of Pakistan’s F-16s with India!

The government of the United States (US) has refused to share information with India regarding the use of F-16 fighter jets by the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) during a recent air combat.

According to the US official, “while India shared inputs which suggested the use of F-16 fighter jets by Pakistan, it has neither presented any evidence nor asked for any inputs about the shooting down of an F-16 by the IAF on February 27. He said the only evidence he has seen was “what was presented in the Indian media,” he told the Indian media outlet.

The Pakistani military’s media wing, Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR), had said: “As regards how to use F-16, in what context (they) were used or not — because at that point of time our entire Air Force was airborne — it remains between Pakistan and the US to see how the MoUs (memorandums of understanding) regarding the use of F-16 have been adhered to or otherwise.”

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