Usman Mukhtar reveals how he was rejected for being overweight

Usman Mukhtar made his debt with Janaan, playing Hania Amir’s quiet and reserved fiancé and while he had limited dialogues, it was evident that the man has screen presence and knows how to act. Mukhtar originally started out his journey as a film director and has worked on various cinematic projects in the past.

Things were not always this easy for Usman, he did face a lot of criticism and fell prey to body shaming as he was a relatively chubby kid. Recently during his interview he revealed how he was unlucky in love because of his body structure.

Usman revealed that he had his first crush when he was in 5th grade. He was in boarding school and met a girl named Maryam. She left school after one year because her family was posted to another city. He never got a chance to meet her again in his life.

Usman then had his second crush when he was 15 or 16 years old. He saw a girl at his sister’s wedding and liked her a lot. He was a chubby kid during his teenage years, and the girl rejected him just because he was a fat boy.

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