“I want to be happy but something inside me screams that I don’t deserve it”

The state of mind when you don’t know what is wrong with you but you want to cry out loud; when facing the world becomes a challenge and getting out of your bed in the morning is no less than a task—is something many of us are familiar with. This feeling is often also coupled with fear, anxiety, and anger taking control of your nerves in the middle of the night. This state of mind is not always short-lived and doesn’t reflect temporary sadness but is referred to a chronic condition that is as important as other physical health issue—Depression.

It makes its victim feel like a mess. When people ask you what is wrong with you and the only answer you have is I don’t know because yes in that moment you actually don’t know what is wrong with you and all you want is to feel content but you are not familiar with that feeling and this makes it worse.
But what you need to know is, it is completely okay to feel weak, to feel hurt, to feel numb, and to speak about it, but what’s not okay is to keep it inside and let it fill pain in you. If you feel depressed then ADMIT IT, Embrace it. Stop pretending like you’re happy.

Cry it out. Then cry it out more. And more. Then cry it out over and again. Until depression leaves you.

Then do it again for once and all. Then gradually you will feel better. But once you feel better get lost in your happiness and go on with your life. Do not worry about the depression you’ve been through, because it was only there to help you become a better person, depression does not give you scars but some bad memories leave them behind and look forward to the beautiful life ahead.
If you know someone who is struggling with depression, understand them, give them their space, ask them to take as long as they need, tell them it is going to be okay, make them see the beauty of the life and bring them out of the darkness. Convince them that they deserve all the happiness in the world. Be there for them, emotionally and physically both. Because they need you and this is the least you can do for them. You can’t see their numbness, their struggles, their loss, grief and depression but you can help them through your words and small gestures.


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