Weddings or Competition?

Social media today has made our marriages, cultures and traditions so complicated. There seems to be a huge competition and no privacy whatsoever. Publicly everyone’s wedding events are displayed on social media platforms and with each day passing by number of days and scale at which they are taking place are increasing.

Firstly, let’s talk about our rituals, traditions and cultures. Already we have so many of them and rather than understanding the union and relationship we have taken marriage granted as a contract which can be nullified at any given period of time.

If we talk about the olden days when our grandparents and parents got married, the days were quiet simple with an intimate gathering, the bride and groom on the stage, two or three dishes of food and audience watching the entire event with great detail and attention. Everyone would be excited to line up and dance and grove to old songs upon the entrance of bride and groom. There would be competition, a few photographs and life was good. Nowadays, it seems like Nach Baliye or some Ambani family event, there is so much drama and sheer waste of money and time.

The parents of each side end-up wasting money not only to show others but the opposite side and in process they end-up going in such huge debt. Even if people keep an intimate event they hear taunts and haw hayes and if they keep a huge event even then they hear taunts and haw hayes. What society doesn’t realize is the amount of energy and money families go through to make sure their kids have a good beginning!

COVID weddings have made us realize that intimate events look graceful. It made us all realize that there is a dire need to move away from the new norm of “instagrammable” wedding. We aren’t living in a magical fairytale world, nor is it necessary to show off to the entire world. Wedding events should be meaningful than longer. We don’t have to represent our events to the world and what is this concept of photo booth? Yes it’s cute and funny but isn’t it an added burden? It is not important to make your wedding go viral. Watch out for the evil eye.

                                                Asian weddings have various rituals and celebrations which
                                                                                     are unnecessary.

Today, we have blurred the boundaries between real and fake, we have created so many problems for our own selves. We have created events which dint exist before and this has only caused issues financially and mentally. What is the need to display our nikkah and other events on various social media forums? Why are we allowing our video and photo’s to be uploaded on Youtube? Today, we are doing it all for the social media, really. We enjoy taking pictures and making videos. We have lost the meaning of truly enjoying the event like our elders did.

Hopefully, our generation realizes and goes back to intimate gathering and events like the one’s generation before had us and the one’s which took place in COVID. Only then will we be able to progress. Today, we have only caused a burden financially, mentally and physically. A wise person would save up that extra amount and invest it or go travel with their spouse as that will be more meaningful.

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