Why is Sex Education important in educational institutes?


Sex education should be made mandatory by every country. It should be developed as a proper core course to be taken by students each year in every institute. This should be prioritized and seen as primary source of education about sexual health.

In order to make our kids decent human beings we need to make sure that they are given sex education. We often hear about teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, harassment, rape cases and sexual frustration. If we want to liberate our society and handle rising cases of harassment and rape then we need to teach them age appropriate topics.

Ideally abroad, such information is delivered to the students via teachers, friends and family but here, we live in a closed society where all this education and information is outright ignored. They say primary education starts at home but Desi families are still hesitant and consider the word “sex” taboo let alone “sex education.”

If humans aren’t taught how to behave they will act like animals and make nasty decisions. In Pakistan alone, we are witnessing so many cases that it makes us wonder why schools aren’t educating students about basic etiquettes and manners.

Chances are that teenagers involve in sexual activities long before their age and without any understanding. The teenage life is so complicated and often males are so frustrated that they resort to “po*n” and end-up being stalkers, harassers or even in some extreme cases rapists.

It’s vital for the kids to conform to the acceptable standards of behavior. One’s which aren’t seen as a significant problem. Even if they choose to marry they should know that their spouse isn’t a sex machine and they should understand human anatomy. Basics and know-how of safe sex is super important and problems related to sexuality is a must!

It’s important for us to teach the young generation that everybody is different. They need to understand what consent is. The basic concept of “rape marriage” is so alien in our country and all of this is because of the lack of education and understanding.

There is a common misconception around the word “sex education.” People think it encourages teens to involve in such acts more frequently whereas, that’s not the case. It’s about personal hygiene, staying healthy, talking more openly about their problems and hormones. Boys need to see women as humans than sex objects. We need to make people realize that it is OKAY to get screened once in a while to stay safe. There is no shame or harm. In order to achieve all of that we need to smash the traditional views about masculinity. It’s important for young men to take care of themselves and their body.

Sex education helps a child understand that mental and emotional connection is far stronger than physical one. At the end of the day, you need someone you can connect and open up to when you’re at your rock bottom!

Our religion and culture combined together can teach so many values to our kids. They need to understand what’s prohibited, what’s allowed. No knowledge of such things and wrong / pseudo knowledge has led to kids committing gross acts.

Lastly, sex education teaches us NO MEANS NO! If boys and girls understand that a “NO” means no strictly then they will excel in every arena of their life. They need to understand and respect the other person and this way we can foster a healthy and far more liberated society!

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